University of Michigan, 2015 - 2018

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University of Michigan, 2019 - 2024(Expected)

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science and Engineering


Human Inspired Grounded Word Representation and Acquisition

Yuwei Bao, Barrett Lattimer, and Joyce Chai

ACL 2023 Dribbble Github 🌟 Honorable Mentions for Best Paper Awards

User Modeling Challenges in Interactive AI Assistant Systems

Megan Su*, Yuwei Bao*

ICLR 2024 Tiny Paper Dribbble

Can Foundation Models Watch, Talk and Guide You Step by Step to Make a Cake?

Yuwei Bao, Keunwoo Peter Yu, Yichi Zhang, Shane Storks, Itamar Bar-Yossef, Alex de la Iglesia, Megan Su, Xiao Lin Zheng, Joyce Chai

EMNLP 2023 Dribbble Github

SEAGULL: An Embodied Agent for Instruction Following through Situated Dialog

Yichi Zhang, Jianing Yang, Keunwoo Peter Yu, Yinpei Dai, Shane Storks, Yuwei Bao, Jiayi Pan, Nikhil Devraj, Ziqiao Ma, Joyce Chai

Amazon Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge Proceedings, 2023 Dribbble 🌟 First Prize Award

Learning to Mediate Disparities Towards Pragmatic Communication

Yuwei Bao, Sayan Ghosh, Joyce Chai

ACL 2022 Dribbble Github

DANLI: Deliberative Agent for Following Natural Language Instructions

Yichi Zhang, Jianing Yang, Jiayi Pan, Shane Storks, Nikhil Devraj, Ziqiao Ma, Keunwoo Peter Yu, Yuwei Bao, Joyce Chai

EMNLP 2022 Dribbble Github

SquiggleNet: Real-time, Direct Classification of Nanopore Signals

Yuwei Bao, Jack Wadden, John Erb-Downward, Piyush Ranjan, Weichen Zhou, Torrin McDonald, Ryan Mills, Alan Boyle, Robert Dickson, David Blaauw, Joshua Welch

Genome Biology 2021 Dribbble Github

Clustering Anesthesiology Case Data for Machine Learning

Michael Burns, Anik Sinha, Yuwei Bao, Sean Meyer, John Vandervest, Sachin Kheterpal

MLHC 2018 Dribbble

Rapid pathogen identification in bacterial pneumonia using real-time metagenomics

Kathryn Pendleton, John Erb-Downward, Yuwei Bao, William Branton, Nicole Falkowski, Duane Newton, Gary Huffnagle, Robert Dickson

AJRCCM 2017 Dribbble


University of Michigan College of Engineering

  • [FA20] EECS 441 - Mobile Apps Development for Entrepreneurs
  • [SU20] EECS 485 - Web Systems
  • [WN18] EECS 376 - Foundations of Computer Science
  • [WN17] EECS 203 - Discrete Math

Service and Outreach

Program Commitee

ICML 2023 Theory of Mind (ToM) Workshop


ACL/EMNLP 2023, ACL/EMNLP 2022, MLCB 2022

Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Student Organization (CSEG), MICHIGAN

President, DEI Chair, Relation Chair

Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE), MICHIGAN

Networking Chair, Career Fair Chair

LSA Newnan Academic Advising Center, MICHIGAN

International Academic Peer Advisor

Honors and Awards

  • [2023] Honorable Mentions for the ACL Best Paper Awards
  • [2023] Amazon Alexa Simbot Challenge First Price Award
  • [2021] Weinberg Institute of Cognitive Science Fellowship
  • [2021] CSE Climate and DEI Award
  • [2020] CSE GSI Award
  • [2016/17/18] EECS Scholar
  • [2015/16/17/18] University Honors
  • [2015/16/17/18/19] James B. Angell Scholar